Bye Bye Boss

Bye Bye Boss

Bye Bye Boss

Have you ever dreamed of being able to say the famous phrase: Bye Bye Boss! Do you have other dreams, other ambitions than what you are doing now?

As I write this post, I have a letter in my hands, a letter that I am about to put in an envelope, seal and send to my employer, my dear school board.

This letter is my resignation letter. My unpaid leave has now been stretching for a year, I knew that the resignation would come, but today it is happening. I would have had so many things to say to him at this employer, so many things that I would have liked to change within this organization, but I finally decided to pass my turn. The words will come in due time. #changingtheworldonestepatatime

It is with a slight shiver that I close the envelope. The excitement I feel is palpable. My career change has been official for several months already, but writing the word resignation on a piece of paper is another step in my life. I had a safety cushion, letting it go, my bearings fly away a little at the same time. I have never been so certain of what I want in life, but I still feel a feeling of imbalance, of doubt. I had job security and I am aware that next year, my position, my class, my students, will no longer be waiting for me.

I was afraid of a change that is already effective (anxiety 101). And yes, another facet of my personality is anxiety, I control it more and more, but it is part of me. On the other hand, by depositing my letter, I felt a flush of warmth and the feeling of accomplishment. I did what I had to do and now I know for sure. Nothing is ever certain in life, but I'm doing something right now that I can never regret. The worst that could happen is that all my projects don't work. But, I will never be able to say that I did not make the right decision. I chose to follow my instinct and move forward, I chose to do what I wanted to do in life at all costs. Before making the decision to open the shop, I was so scared that I would wake up in retirement and regret never having tried. I had a lot of help and support to do it. My husband was also very supportive in successfully setting up the shop (He wanted me to talk about him;) ).

Each important moment during the school year, I will think of my colleagues, my school and those who were my students. You know, the children who mark you and that you will never forget. What was kind of mine will be someone else's next year. One or another teacher will welcome students in September in what has been my class for a few years. A person, who I hope will have as much fun as I had teaching in sixth grade. I wish the next sixth graders an enthusiastic teacher, with a head full of projects, ready to take them on a great adventure. I had extraordinary colleagues who will always remain in my heart, they are part of who I am. I wish them wonderful years, I hope they know that they form a thunder team and of which they are lucky to be part. I love them very much and it was an honor to work at Alphonse with them.

I now draw a hyphen on my teaching career. The line is not quite complete.What I learned will always remain in my head and my heart and I will continue to get involved as best as I can in the school environment with many projects that I already have in mind #unechoseàlafois

It's done! I can officially say Bye Bye Boss. No, not because I won the million, but because I finally chose my career, that of being an entrepreneur and happier than ever. And watch out, Lydia is on the way!!!


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