Changement de carrière

Career change

Career change

Do you ever feel alienated from the world around you? I question myself, often.. I doubt, a lot.. I dream, constantly… I also often make choices that take me completely out of my comfort zone and yet, I love being comfortable, even though I need it…

I always knew that my journey would not be straight lines. I chose to be a teacher not really knowing if it was the right choice. When I left high school, I had in mind to be a school psychologist. At the end of my college studies, the number of years as well as the obligation to have a doctorate to practice scared me and I opted for a slightly shorter course.

Being a teacher suited me at the time. On the other hand, I needed more, I had the impression that teaching did not fully satisfy me. You know, that feeling of wasting something. The feeling that one is not complete. That's how I felt, not bad all the time. Teaching is a profession of the heart. We have to do it out of passion because the pay does not justify all the work done. I enjoyed teaching, I gave everything I had, but I was living with impostor syndrome. Since I felt like I didn't belong, I also felt like I could never do enough.

I'm not an impulsive person, it's all well and good to know what you don't want in life, but knowing what you want to do is a whole different ball game. I questioned myself for a long time and I let the time pass.

It took 5 years, 5 years during which I weighed the pros and cons. Years of wondering how I was going to take the plunge and especially if I was going to succeed in doing it.

And the trigger, helped me get started:

I turned 30!

I think I had a little, big, mid-life crisis… I had a feeling that if I didn't do something, I was going to wake up at 75 with a life I regretted. not having chosen!

I started from square one and worked out my project. 1 year, 1 year writing my business plan, meeting people, going through ups and downs, being discouraged, exasperated as well as motivated... I had help, I went to find the necessary resources and I succeeded! I opened my shop! I started Le Coffre à Toys with no knowledge of the field and above all no business skills. I did my homework and I got there.

I can tell you that the feeling of pride is huge! I don't feel in the wrong place at all anymore, but above all, I learned that nothing is impossible and that whatever I want to do, everything is possible, all I need is a good kick in the right place!

Are you delaying your projects? Are you dreaming of a career change?

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