En préparation pour plusieurs heures de vol !

In preparation for several hours of flight!

In preparation for several hours of flight!

Those who know me know that I am curious by nature and that I thrive on projects! I like to discover and above all, to see everything! Travel fills these needs and for me the preparation before leaving is as exciting as the trip itself!

I quietly convince Simon to follow me and let himself be abandoned in environments that are not familiar to him... This year, we had planned to go to Disney, the trip was booked, the deposit was left. But sometimes life changes our plans unexpectedly! My brother called me, a hint of excitement in his voice somewhere after the holidays. The lucky one won a trip to his job! He decided to take my parents with him and insisted that we too be part of it. On the other hand, my children already had in mind to go to Disney and I didn't want to disappoint them and two trips of this magnitude a few weeks apart were out of the question. So we had to go to the vote!

After a short, very short discussion with the children where we exposed them to the two choices, they unanimously decided in two and a quarter seconds to go on a trip with their grandparents and their uncle.

This is how we canceled one trip to book another! Our Elia hadn't even been born yet that she already had her first flight booked!

In a few weeks, we will be leaving with the children, my parents, my brother and his wife. Several hours of flight, jet lag, a few hours of surfing and a magnificent journey await us.

Follow me for the preparations, the management of the trip with Elia who will be almost 5 months old and the children to know my musts if you plan to go to the same region!

pssstt.. Did you guess where we're going?

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