Gaby et sa petite bibitte, le tdah

Gaby and her little bug, ADHD

Gaby and her little bug, ADHD

It was only a matter of time before I told you about ADHD. My kids' last swim lesson made me realize it was time to do it, that I needed it. I therefore present to you the beginnings in the life of our little clown.

I am the ''manager'' of a beautiful blended family. Several of the members (4 out of 6) of this family have ADHD of a fairly intense type. You will tell me that ADHD is by definition someone intense, but there are different types with different associated problems. Each ADHD person is first and foremost a person and therefore have different personalities. Today, I wanted to talk to you about the youngest of my tribe. The swimming lesson reminded me that nothing is won. He was unable to listen to the instructions and had to place himself on the stairs accordingly for a few minutes. But, he was so agitated that he had a hard time understanding that he was as a result. Sometimes I wonder if I should laugh or cry. Like any child, Gabriel sometimes gets overwhelmed and unable to do an activity.

Gabriel is an intelligent, bright and creative child. He was a baby when I began to suspect that he had something more, a little bug crawling all over his body, which might be called ADHD.

You know the type of baby who wants to see everything, who wants to see everything so much that his little eyes rarely close to sleep. Those same little eyes never seemed tired, on the contrary, there was always a little spark ready to climb mountains. On the other hand, the more his spark ignited, the more my fatigue was felt. When your baby wears you out, you start to question yourself. But, everywhere around, you are told that it is normal, that it is still small, that it is to be watched but that for the moment nothing can be done.

This little fast started walking at 10 months, he was even more difficult to manage because he moved easily. He quickly grasped how to get out of bed, climb on the counters, in the refrigerator, on the table, open the handle… We had to take the necessary precautions because he would come out without our realizing it, sometimes very early in the day. morning when he got up quietly. We had an alarm system installed which was very useful in ensuring that he did not leave the house. Hurried mornings were sometimes terrible.. It often happened to me to think that everyone was asleep, to press 2-3 times on ''snooze'' and when I got up to discover a little guy in the bathroom with as many butter on him than on the floor. I can tell you that it makes you want to go back to sleep (especially when the child in question has woken up several times during the night).

There was also the moment when, in the space of a moment, he managed to climb up to the edge of our super-secure swimming pool. The swimming pool has disappeared!

Sleep wasn't part of my life for quite a while, I even gave it up. Sometimes, often, in addition to falling asleep very late (10 p.m., 11 p.m., sometimes 1 a.m.), our little gentleman woke up in the middle of the night believing that it was over and being ready to do the party! I learned that trying to put a child who is super excited at 2 a.m. to sleep is a miracle. Sleep is still difficult today, however, we have developed strategies to help it.

And then there are the outings, because your child, your little one, you have to take him out of your house sometimes But, the eyes of others confirm that your child is not in the norm . This look that judges you too, sometimes, often, you the completely discouraged mom who lets a lot more things pass because you have to choose your battles, people don't know it, so they allow themselves to give you looks that want everything to say. However, I was a teacher, I had a special education technique and now I was not even able to manage my own child. I was exhausted, really. Without any resources, I tried to “survive” each day in its turmoil. Going to work had become relaxing… I caught my breath as I sat in my car after dropping him off at the CPE.

My image of family was not that. At one point, I envied the parents who brought their children to the restaurant and had a good time while the children sat and ate their plate. I found them beautiful and told myself that it would probably never happen to us.

And then, I came across, completely by chance, a report that completely changed our family dynamics and Gabriel's life. I knew he had ADHD, I was sure of it, but no one could help me because he was too small. The child psychiatrist I saw on TV at the time said this: "We can definitely assess ADHD from age 3." I was literally jumping into my living room. I had to meet him. I went out of my way to get us to see this doctor and we got there.

I am a big believer in early intervention and it was the best thing that could have happened to Gabriel and our family.

The rest of our little story soon :) ...


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