On découvre le jeu  Pool Party

We discover the Pool Party game

We discover the Pool Party game

At home, we often play games with the children, even on weeknights. On the other hand, I must admit that there are days when I don't really feel like playing. You know when the day has been difficult and you just want to ''freak out'' (I know, this word is not in the dictionary, but it perfectly suits my state of 'mom who works at full time' on a Thursday night!)!!!

Well, when I experience moments like these, I come out with a simple game, in which I don't have to manage rules or think and in which the risk of conflict and crisis management is almostequal to zero!

Pool Party is new this year and it seemed exactly made for this type of day. We've tested it and frankly it's been very successful at home. Mathis loved it and Gabriel too. It's a family game, but it will also be perfect on my terrace this summer when I have guests over, they can play it while the barbecue heats up!

The rules are very simple, you just have to send three swimmers into the pool in the center of the table. This one is held by a spring, so it increases the level of difficulty a bit since it is more or less stable.

This Blue Orange game passed the quality test with my two little monsters! Effective and durable, I like it!

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