Prête, pas prête,  j'y vais

Ready, not ready, here I go

Ready, not ready, here I go

This week has been hectic! You know the kind of week where you feel like you're running around like a chicken without a head and manage to do nothing! I had 1 million things to do for the shop, appointments for the kids and a 4 month old baby to manage. Elia is in the phase, I'm super nice, but I want mom... I can't complain, she's extraordinary and I confess, she sleeps through the night. On the other hand, she sleeps very little during the day and she always wants to be in MY arms. Let's say it slows down the pace for washing, cleaning and packing.

Our departure for Maui is imminent, I managed to pack the suitcases with pain and misery between two drinks, because while breastfeeding, I can write a text, but suitcases become a little more difficult to do . I think the most difficult part of this trip will have been the preparation, my week has been really exhausting. I admit that I am leaving very tired, I who wanted to leave full of energy to be trained and enjoy it more when I got to my destination, I missed my shot! I tried to leave with very little stock, I wrote tempted since even if my intention was good, I completely failed this objective! We leave with 3 large suitcases, 4 backpacks and two small suitcases for the plane! I'll put that on the baby's back!

The flight will be quite long, almost eleven hours in the air. So I have planned enough entertainment for the children. Tablets and electronic games will be allowed on the plane, but I don't want them on the screens the whole flight, so I brought games, lots of games. And... snacks! I mainly bet on games that will please everyone, despite the age difference. I'll let you know my musts in the backpack, I also brought some to entertain Elia since she's starting to want to grab everything we have in our hands.

With that, I'll take care of my sleep, we're leaving the house in a few hours ☀️

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