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Phileas Fogg who has just won his bet to succeed Around the world in 80 days, gathered some friends around a good bottle of cherry in a cozy London club.
This crew of adventurers on a spree, disillusioned rentiers and other aristocratic travelers talk passionately about their past challenges.
During the evening, the spirits are heated and suddenly Phileas offers a new equipped of the impossible!

What's at stake?
$ 1 million!

The challenge?
Cross the most American cities in less than 7 days!

The conquest of the railways in the 19th century and early 20th century has always been a subject particularly appreciated by game creators.
Adventurers of the rail is a luxurious game in line with Pirate's Cove or Murder in the Abbey.
The graphics happily portray the wonderful machines of the great era of railroad history, and like the other Days of Wonder games, it benefits from impeccable follow-up.
The rules quick to assimilate, will allow you to cross North America in magnificent "grand siècle" trains.

By taking control of railway lines connecting different cities in the United States, you will accumulate points and the longer the journeys, the more lucrative they will be.
In addition, you will be able to collect additional points by serving certain destinations.

40 minutes and more

2 to 5 players

8 years old and +