Magic Maze: Maximum Security

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Once upon a time ...

The Magic Maze has recently been the target of regular theft, carried out by unscrupulous adventurers who keep preying on the same four stores. Strange… Following this alarming observation, the Management installed new security systems to deter any further dishonest acts.

Maximum Security contains 13 modules to integrate as you see fit in your games. If, on the one hand, various security devices will give you a hard time (guards, Sentinel, motion detector, armored doors), on the other hand, the heroes get new abilities that make your job easier (take ventilation, break walls, cast spells, rearrange the mall). Are you looking for new challenges? How about 42 feats to accomplish? Will you pass them all?

* The base game is required to play Magic Maze: Maximum Security

1 to 8 players

8 years old and +